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Because everybody someday will need a driving license to drive a car, suv, bus.

Hmmm... so how do I get a driving license

You go to one of the driver examination centre or Service Ontario and you can apply for a driving license.

Is that it?

Unfortunately no. Ontario has something called Graduated Licensing

It feels like school/college

True. Ontario introduced the Graduated Licensing program in 1994. New Drivers go through a two stage program by completing mandatory time periods for each level. You also will have to pass the appropriate road tests. Sometimes people (really only some folks) call these tests as exit tests. it is confusing...

There are 3 levels Level 1 (G1 or M1), Level 2 (G2 or M2 or M2 with condition "L") and full class licence (G or M or M with condition "L").

I got it, so i start with Level 1 and finally get G

Yup. You ( the new licence holder) have five years to complete the program (from Level 1 to full class licence).

I have lot more questions now

Ministry of Transportation has a set of answers to most asked questions. New License FAQ

Can I do all these at Service Ontario because that is the closest to me?

Sorry. You can get some of these services at Service Ontario.

There are 270 ServiceOntario locations across the province and they provide:

  • Vehicle services
  • Driver services, excluding road testing
  • Knowledge tests are provided at the College Park location

Where can I get Enhanced Driver's License

There are nine ServiceOntario locations offering Enhanced Driver's Licence services including Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Windsor, St. Catharines, Toronto Downtown, North York, Kingston, Cornwall and Ottawa.

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